The Job is where a panel of Judges scrutinizes the business skills of contesting job seekers.

 Features twelve university students who compete over the course of a season (13 weeks), with usually one contestant eliminated per episode.

Contestants are split into two “teams” with one member from each volunteering as a project leader on each new task. The team complete business-related tasks such as selling products, creating an advertising campaign. One team selected as the winner based on objective measures and subjective opinions of the CEO and his advisors who monitor the teams' performance on tasks. The losing team attends a boardroom meeting with the show's CEO and their advisors to break down why they lost and determine who contributed the least to the team. Episode end with the CEO eliminating the poorest contributor from the competition, with the words " GET OUT!"


'The Job' seeks to empower students in selected universities so they can get the best possible jobsafterschool. This will be achieved through the competitive environment of a Reality TV Show.


To participate in the 'The Job' you must be a student in one of the following universities:

University of Ghana

Kwame Nkrumah University of
Science and Technology

University of Professional Studies, Accra

Cape coast University

University of Education

University of Development Studies


Go to the website and follow the registration instructions. This includes registration and activation of your own investment account with Dalex SWIFT.

Selection Process:

'The Job" will come to each university campus to hold a career counselling seminar and a practical selection interview process. 10 candidates will be selected from each university. All selected candidates will participate in a one-day leadership development seminar in Accra. Twelve best performing candidates (2 from each university) will be selected to 'The Job' House.

'The Job' House

Contestants are filmed as they compete in two teams that undertake practical business tasks in the areas of Operations, Sales, marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility. The teams and the contestants are judged based on their skills in Planning, Execution, Teamwork and Leadership by a panel of 3 judges lead by an award-winning CEO.

The CEO Panel of Judges will typically eject some members of the losing team. The task and ejection process is repeated in subsequent weeks until a winner emerges. This the reality show.

The Prize

'The Job' House Contestants will be awarded prized internships with local and foreign companies. The winner gets 'The Job' in addition to a cash priz

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